Welcome to a new kind of storytelling.
Stories you can read, watch, hear and feel – driven by the written word but unshackled from chapters and pages. oolipo is a multi-dimensional fictional world to explore, whenever and wherever you are.

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Until now the only difference between you and someone else reading the same book was how far you were through it. oolipo gives you the power to roam and discover – building unique interactive storytelling experiences as you read.


oolipo is a new way to tell stories with multiple narratives and a suite of visual tools baked into an easy-to-use authoring platform. Take full control of a new, more flexible approach to story structure and weave a world beyond the confines of the conventional novel.


The oolipo platform brings storytelling to the lives of those who don't make time for reading. Sitting somewhere between written word, box set and serialised short story, it is an opportunity to create new works or reboot well-loved stories in a brand new mixed media format.

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